DMC TAX Pty Ltd does not openly publish or provide your financial information to anyone other than yourself, or your represented agent/s. Your agent/s may include;

  • Your current spouse
  • Other relatives (in the case of power of attorney)
  • Another partner in a partnership
  • Another director of your company
  • Another trustee of your trust
  • Another director of the corporate trustee of your trust

We exercise discretion, however rely on the “indoor management rule” under the Corporations Act, in relation to taking instruction and providing information to employees or directors of a company.

Our policy is to not supply your financial information to third parties unless you have provided express consent, preferably in writing. This includes applications for finance. If you require us to provide your financial information to third parties, please authorise our office, prior to having the third party contact us.

Under this engagement, you agree to allow us to provide your contact details and financial details to government agencies including but not limited to, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Child Support Agency (CSA), Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Centrelink on their request when they have legislative right to, and contact us in our capacity as your tax agent.

All companies, regardless of their trading activity or purpose are subject to an annual ASIC agent package fee. The fee is invoiced for the forthcoming financial year and details the services covered, including hosting of the registered office and upkeep of corporate register documentation. No refund or pro rata is available for changes or additions during the financial year.